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The Bahamas

An Island Nation Sprinkled beautifully on the atlantic ocean nesttled among turquoise green blue water and pristine white and pink seashores dressed in tropical foliage in shades of green

A blend of the new and the old of modern conveniences that ease the lifestyle but in some ways preserves the charm of slow sailing and calculated well paced walks on the grains of sand.

Here the islands can offer a comfortable life, escaping from the faster pace cities with busy traffic lanes and more pressured and demanding routines.

Seven hundred islands and cays converging close enough to mainland USA and not too far for Canadian snowbirds, an intriguing possibility for the Central and Southern Americas.

Families of local and foreign backgrounds have traditionally mingled in social, spiritual and business circles in the pursuit of a better Bahamian lifestyle. Some remain year long residents while others enjoy having more than one country to call home. 

With the passing of time in an ever changing world, spending more time in The Bahamas is not bad at all. 

Nassau and Paradise Island

Paradise Island


Priscilla hudson

Priscilla has been serving home buyers and sellers in the islands of New Providence (Nassau) and Paradise since 1998.

From her first days working with homeowners and investors her consultative approach has been client-oriented bringing her natural people-first qualities supported with her professional skills into the negotiation process aimed at a successful closing for each client she represents.

A native of Guatemala (the land of eternal spring) she officially embraced The Bahamas moving to the Commonwealth in 1975 and has grown alongside the islands’ real estate transformation and growth.

Unafraid of hard work and training she became a licensed Broker in 2003, with prior qualification into the Bahamas Real Estate Institute (BRI) designation. She is a member of The Bahamas Real Estate Association.

Her professional real estate career is complemented with fourteen years of work in private banking, several years in retail and marketing.

She embraced technology from the introduction of the internet, learning-related skills as a self-taught webmaster developing several her own websites.

She has worked closely with other real estate brokers and agents, a valued experience added to her knowledge base.

Priscilla views personal crisis in life as growth points encouraging others forward with a passion for God. Her best life is time spent with her three sons and grandbabies; and creative writing.

Specialties: Luxury Residential Real Estate, Reliv Nutrition, Fully Bilingual Spanish English/English-Spanish.

Her Interest include among others, creative writing, foreign languages, faith sharing.

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priscilla hudson

Our Vision

Offering Our Clientele Real Estate Services With Integrity.

Our Mission

We search where our Clientele’s needs and goals takes us for a successful Closing.